VIP TV Productions Fresh Press Cafe

Former local anticipates summer 2017 film release date


VIP TV Productions Fresh Press Cafe ?

The Fresh Press Cafe, a hidden gem. Luckily, one Friday morning, we found the crew of the Fort Lauderdale TV station VIP TV Productions at the Fresh Press Cafe eating organic fresh vegetable and fruit smoothies.

This random stop brought them within range of a British woman with an iphone 6 plus s and a trigger-happy-video-finger. Not one to let an opportunity slip by, she found out what she could.

Florida Keys Social Media (FKSM) seeks visual stories of a social, cultural and political nature about the Florida Keys. On this early autumn day two film makers were on their way south filming for a ‘Lifestyle’ show in South Florida, one a former local who is making a movie, to be aired at the B & B Movie Theater in Tavernier in Summer 2017.

The movie, called ‘Fight Within,’ is the story of a young man who transcends his street fighting youth. Nick Rubbo and Randell J. Jackman were FKSM’s first official act of random social media, a good catch, for all, since 2017, the films release date, gives time to build interest and the film making into a hype.

Of course it would take a lot to eclipse the former Florida Keys ‘Bloodline’ presence. Most families’ lives were touched by the Netflix series that wrapped up it’s Florida Keys filming this year. Most ‘locals’ found themselves faced with the camera blocked streets or closed cafes, and the opportunity to work on set as an extra more than once.

But at the Fresh Press Cafe, it was a good day. The Fort Lauderdale crew sat smoothie slurping, with a bay view, on a breezy Florida Keys Friday morning. Chatting about ‘Fight Within,’ with fight the last thing on anyones minds.

This Coral Shores High School graduate, Jackman, will star in the movie, for a sneak peek go here. Summer 2017, Fight Within will come to B & B Theaters, Tavernier, Florida.

Produced by Able2film Productions, in association with Future Image Productions and Sky High 5 Studios, A Randell J. Jackman Film