Veterans Day Matters Freedom Feels Good

Veterans don’t just serve on one day, so Veterans Day matters freedom feels good is a daily mantra, for our veterans we’re very proud to know Treasure Village Montessori school delivered a short Veterans Day message that can be re-played year round. Teacher, Stephanie Ganim Webb, was responsible for delivering that message.

Recognize Service?

Key Largo resident and veteran, Lt. Colonel Joe ‘Jonesy’ Jones spoke about this.

“We should recognize Veterans, we should recognize those who would put everything on the line to protect our freedoms, the founding fathers principles, our inalienable rights,” Jones went into the NavCad program in his teens.

Jones served as an active duty US Naval Aviator for nine years and four in NATO augmentation duty out of Hialeah, then settled down and had four children, but felt it necessary to re-up when 9/11 occurred made him angry.

“We all were,” he says. Jones began an Air Force reserve duty at Homestead Air reserve Base for the 482nd Fighter Wing. He retired in 2016 as Lt. Colonel Assistant Officer In Charge (AOIC) which he claims is like saying ‘assistant knucklehead,’ at the Command Post

Are You Afraid To Fly?

When my husband was hired for the airlines we received passes to fly for the cost of the tax. So ‘non-revenue’ leisure flying was commonly how we got about the planet. We did a lot of that before children.

About two years ago I suddenly felt terrified flying. What happens when you can fly for almost free but flying scares you? And, believe me, I simply loath it.

The only mantra that keeps me in my seat instead of attempts to open doors and jump out at 33,000 ft, refers to my husband whose 36 years as a pilot is where I draw my strength. I repeat over and over ‘he always lands the plane, he always lands the plane.’

How Do They Always Land The Plane On A Moving Naval Aircraft Carrier?

He always lands even when you are talking about jets that have to be landed on an aircraft carrier, with a pitching deck, at night, with no light, and only ‘a couple of paddles to guide you,’ which was how it was in World War II. Then they had nothing but the trusted hands of a well trained crew mate. It’s more tech savvy now.

The Landing Signals Officer (LSO) is still the radio voice of comfort on the deck. As he calls ‘three quarters of a mile and call the ball,’ the needles need to be right smack in the center, the pilot hears ‘right or left for line up,’ makes the delicate correction he needs.

Roger Ball

Homecoming is when you hear ‘roger ball,’ that’s when the pilot can see the fresnel lense, but that’s not the end of it, he or she needs to keep steady speed within half a knot, dump fuel and call the planes weight, lots of calculations and skill, hook the wire and stop before the ship ends and ocean begins. ‘He always lands the plane.’

And this is in peace time, when pilots are training. Imagine you’ve fought a battle, delivered troops into the fray or picked up your men to return home. When we complain about having a bad day, sure, we all have them, but….just remember the Veterans.

For more Veteran recognition check the following links, Evie Englemeyer and local journalist, former United States Marine (but you know what they say, once a Marine…) Gabriel Sanchez who writes for The Keys Weekly.

Veterans Day Matters Freedom Feels Good so we feel good about re-posting this as many time as we feel god about it. Which is daily.

Veterans Day Matters Freedom Feels Good

Treasure Village Veterans Day Message for every day.


Veterans Day Matters Freedom Feels Good

Freedom Feels Good the price is high, but our children are worth every penny.

“I am proud that my Dad served to protect our country, and i’m really happy he didn’t get hurt, it must be terrible for people with post traumatic stress disorder,” say Alia Jones, sister to nine year old Mira Jones, pictured here with her flag on Veterans Day in Key Largo. The older Jones is a Junior at Coral Shores High School and they are both daughters to Lt. Colonel Joe Jones.

Veterans Day Matters Freedom Feels Good