social media elevation presents a strong visual message

Social media elevation presents a strong visual message. Nada Khalaf-Jones can show you how.

Social Media Elevation

Social media elevation is important because you’re going to be getting most of your messages from video not just photo from here on forwards. Yes augmented reality. Yes more electronics time. And that means a lot less reading, but more succinct messages. Unless you are looking for research data or a how to. Even that is all video presentations now. So. Yes. Great drone perspective and dynamic well produced video will become second nature in our lives. Ask us about messages that deliver yours. Get your point across with video | photo | music | graphics | seo rich titles and storylines | press releases | blog campaigns | email marketing you name it. I love it all.

“Experience tells us the biggest Social Media impact is delivered by video in the first 30 seconds. For a real estate video 120 seconds. Weddings, documentaries have to have expertly written storylines so they’ll hold interest beyond 2 to 4 minutes. Written content draws people when it is relevant, at about 2,000 words people want to have learned everything they were browsing to answer,” says Khalaf-Jones whose 20 years as a journalist, event organizer, scuba instructor, traveler and mother of four give her multi-level integrated marketing skills with matt or gloss polish. Frequent global travel, like every 6 months bye-bye American Pie, adds perspective to her social media angles. Proud to be a free woman at a time and place when women can be whatever they strive to be.

Visualize your brand, your ideas, your ‘why.’¬†social media elevation is a combination of skyborne creation with drone video and photo, visual skill editing the content, and professional understanding of the written message to produce short impactful stories about your, your business, your event. Deliver your message.