Skybornvisual Films Wedding Theme England, Austria, Italy wedding elopement theme European style.

Skybornvisual films wedding theme England, Austria, Italy visual content production success packing list.

One iPhone 7 plus s Smart Phone w 4 K HD and 4 K HDR video mode
Zhiyun Smooth-C Gimbal with batteries and charger dock
Sony Xperia Ultra Smart Phone w 24 Megapixel camera.
Vintage MacBook Pro w upgrades plus Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, iMovie
Sony Alpha 6000 DSLR camera plus assorted lenses
256 Gb SD Cards and an eight slot usb charging dock.
Drone? Hell Yeah. Well No. Strict regulations in Europe, so no drone this time!

Florida Keys sits at about 0 feet. From the coral reefs and ocean blue a few feet of elevation make a big difference. It’s easy to fly a drone, make a film when it’s this flat. This summer Skybornvisual films went on a trip to Europe.

Visual content production Florida Keys is all about ocean, mangroves, canals, and coral reefs. We’ve made some fabulous real estate and wedding themed films. Our backdrop here is long docks, iconic palm trees, secluded islands with beaches, full sun and endless horizons.

Europe is a very attractive film making prospect for Florida Keys film makers. We set off with the intention of capturing as much time lapse, and slow motion film as possible. We discovered our favorite time lapse. Mountain clouds.

Skybornvisual films wedding theme England, Austria, Italy

The artistic process of crafting a wedding couples’ visual memories isn’t something we think we will ever get tired of. Travel seems to go hand in hand with tying the knot. Having said that, check back end of July. We are doing a wedding shoot at Village Square at the Trading Post with the theme of

‘A Fairly Local Wedding Style’


As most wedding film makers and photographers learn quickly destination weddings and elopements are very popular. Europe’s richness and abundant symbolism of love the abundance of centuries old architecture, vibrant old cities, and the modern wedding styles of Europe make the perfect romantic backdrop.

“We went for visual wedding image. Taken from some of the oldest cultures in Europe. England, Austria and Italy, ” says Skybornvisuals creative producer.

Why Wedding Theme?

Naturally wedding allows a blend of ancient with modern, urban with nature. Wedding rings of gold, diamond, platinum, titanium symbolize marriage. We represent the human bond with lasting raw metals. The elements that join us mean more than life itself to us on the wedding day.

Shells. Florida Keys ocean and natural beauty from the shells left behind by ocean dwellers. They are so enchanting. Elegant memories of a harsh life beneath the waves.


Stone. Aged granite and sandstone. Beige, grey, city tarnished. Churches and London streets.

Flowers. From tropical orchids and Boo Kee Sue Botanics  the brides and grooms of the Florida Keys tend towards beachy themes and guazy, transparent wedding dresses.

England is famous for it’s stories, and none of them more dear to a British upbringing than the Wind In The Willows, by A A Milne. Weeping Willow, Cobham River.

Cobham. Skybornvisual loved the dreamy sunlight surrounding our young model, amongst the long dangling fronds that touch the river as it winds through the ancient sleepy Surrey village of Cobham.

Edenbridge. Wildflower posies plucked with much love and even more abandon made a magical impression in the hands of a child. Eden Valley is full of meadows and wildflowers. Wouldn’t this make an ideal wedding venue?


Austria blew us away with it’s iridescent colors, the brutal jagged peaks of the Wetterstein mountain range. We chased fireflies, like living wedding sparklers, around the banks of the Weidachsee. This historic lake is one in which Roman Emperor Maximillian used to fish for trout.

Trout which still supplies the local population, in particular, the Quellenhof Leutasch, the health hotel we called home for seven days, nestled in this well appointed, meandering long valley.

Meadows over flow with Alpine wild flowers, Austrian Geraniums tumble from balconies. Austrian wedding film makers do a lot of elopements.


Vineyards seem so romantic. As we travelled down from the Austrian Alps through Brennero, we passed hundreds of vineyards.

Our favorite time lapse visuals Clouds. They can be anything. They are magical atmosphere changers, filmed with time lapse, more than any other natural element of weather on our planet they represent time passing, things are always changing, always in flux. Time passes. We must make the most of it,” says the drone pilot and creative director of Skybornvisual, yours truly.

Elopement wedding rings ‘Life Is Our Imperfect Journey.’

‘Like pebbles, we rub against each other, until the edges gentled and the coarseness smoothed, our rings reflect that after 21 years of marriage, they aren’t perfect but perfectly imperfect, like our family, like us, like humanity.’


Skybornvisual wishes to film your destination elopement or your destination wedding. And yes we travel. The sky is not the limit, the endless sky, deep ocean, your profound and happy moments are simply the glorious framework. There are no limits. #joy #love #outsidethebox #destinationwedding #weddingvideo #dronewedding #elegantwedding #wedding #runawaybride #notyouraveragewedding

Elopement is all the rage for the would-be bride and groom.