Verifly on demand precision drone insurance covers Florida Keys Drone Pros

& skybornvisual, their cousin

The app ‘Verifly’ didn’t always allow us to add an additional insured to the policy. But they do now. When I was contacted by a wedding photographer to do drone video and photography ‘drone flying’ on the exclusive Ocean Reef Club I began the process weeks ahead to get commercial drone piloting permission. They have an airport. And aren’t open to non-members.

Drone Insurance Is A Smart Move

drone insurance covers florida keys drone pros

Step 1:

I opened the Verifly app dropped the pin on the flight zone, got an orange circle with a 5 mile radius, with restrictions surrounding the Ocean Reef airport. I knew, from living nearby, this isn’t a towered airport, so the airport required flight plan notification, and I needed to know what their approach and recovery pattern was. Don’t want to interfere with manned aircraft. This information became part of the flight plan. Once it was obtained, (I had to call their airport for it) I fed it into the ICARUS Ops Drone Responsive Digital Checklist App. (link coming soon)

drone insurance covers florida keys drone pros

Step 2:

Verifly needs to know you have an exemption when flying around an airport of any class airspace, they won’t insure you unless you agree to be liable to fly in that airspace and you have been given ‘express permission.’ All it takes is your consent in the app. And you’d better be serious about having ‘express permission.’ No one will care about that until there is a claim, so cover your self.

drone insurance covers florida keys drone pros

Step 3:

Ocean Reef require a certificate of insurance with their name on it. And precise time and date of proposed drone flight before they’ll allow you on property. This is a good process to become comfortable with for any job you drone. So two weeks prior to stepping on the flight zone I applied for the insurance, opened Verifly app, entered address, dropped pin and discovered it was $16 an hour since proximity to the airport was a potential increase in risk. If these people needed that document with their name on it ahead of time, did I burn an hour to send them that document. Yep!

drone insurance covers florida keys drone pros

Step 4:

Armed with them as named insured, precise Icarus Ops Reactive Drone Digital Checklist (link coming soon) and fully charged batteries and the drone. I was ready to go be a drone professional, Part 107 certified, insured and seriously loving it.

Strongly Recommending Verifly Is My Goal Here

Recommending Verifly is my goal here. I use it every time i’m hired, or volunteer my services for charity, to make drone aerial video or photo. Verifly grasped the concept of ‘on the spot’ they call it ‘on-demand’ drone insurance, early in the game. For me, at least, the CEO is still answering emails personally. Hey Jay…:)

Verifly Works – Get In While The Customer Service Is This Good

You know Verifly is working, if you fly a drone commercially in the United States, you know this. $10 an hour for a million of coverage, and ten k privacy protection. It’s working, so, as all good things come to an end – let’s say I think if it’s working it won’t be long before GEICO buys him out..soon there will be layers around him, as this amazing commercial drone insurance service takes off.

I will say this. I think it’s a sad day when we have to mitigate against people flying drones inappropriately. But, hey, human nature is adventurous, so, yep, privacy violations are to be expected. Let’s not even talk about physical misuse of drones or terrorism. Let’s just not.

Drones For Good – Ness Sake

Drones for good: let’s look at the good they’ve used drones for: fire fighting, utilities inspections, surveying, agriculture, search and recovery…and then there is the commercial and visual content production, film making and marketing side of the business. As well as the mass delivery potential. Oh. And the new concept of passenger drones. Yep. Sign me up.

But coming back drone to earth here. Verifly has you covered for the standard liability and privacy that are now ‘industry standards’…yeah, drop the pin on the map, hit insure, take off! How good can it get? Considering I spent an hour on the phone with USAA in 2016 before the Part 107 licensing came out, we were talking thousands of dollars for a policy.

Fast forward here to 2017. I’m sticking my neck out and saying that these are industry standards….Verifly is making them. Hello! Anyone want to comment here.

Compare To Scuba Instructional Insurance

I think if a PADI scuba instructor is teaching people to dive and it costs $800 a year or so to insure them for $1,000,000 liability covering any number of scuba students getting certified, damage to the training pool, destruction or loss of the equipment they’ve rented, putting a hole in the boat they are on, or, God forbid, leave a diver on a reef. Compare that to….

$10 an hour to fly drones whose battery life is about 20 mins, so you have to factor in the hour includes at least 3 battery changes. Verifly has you covered even if the drone is an inch off or even ON the ground and and for all the silly things a drone gets up to in that short period of time. Even if it gets flipped over by a freak wind gust and hits the groom in the head. Covering the cost of that accident is price most people can handle.

Oh. And I think I see some sort of enterprise plan coming in the beta version where you get insured for the entire day for a flat rate….wasn’t there? And, by the way, if you want drone insurance for the actual drone, look to manufacturers, look elsewhere. Verifly simply does the liability bit. And really well.