Phantom of the Opera Coral Shores Drama Club based on the novel “Le Fantomme de l’Opera” by Gaston Leroux. Rodgers & Hammerstein and Andrew Lloyd Webber take financial credit for this amazing production. But the crew from Coral Shores Drama Club are the true beauty here.

Phantom of the Opera Coral Shores Drama Club and the movie. See below, because it’s better than reading about it.

“We weren’t expecting a great performance, or even a mediocre one. Funnily enough, we aren’t accustomed to great theater in the Florida Keys. But we were surprised, so surprised, these kids got the high notes, managed the extreme vocal ranges so well. I sang in the choir at an Anglican school in the heart of Englands wealthy countryside, we knew how to sing. And i’m amazed at the skill here. Is it luck or skill? Either way. The musical training and skill, the passion from slaving for years to make the money to pay the licensing fees, these kids are brilliant, absolutely brilliant,” says Nada Khalaf-Jones, mother of one of the performers, who loved the performance.

Phantom of the Opera Coral Shores Drama Club

Passion. Murder. Intrigue. Love. Teenagers. Phantom of the Opera Coral Shores Drama Club’s vocal delivery and acting are superb the sell out performances of Coral Shores High School Drama Club Phantom Of The Opera at the Performing Arts Center were professional quality shows every night! Photos by Skybornvisual copyrighted 2017.

With music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Lyrics by Charles Hart, Richard Stilgoe, originally directed on Broadway by Harold Prince. The Phantom Of The Opera is presented through special arrangement with Rodgers & Hammerstein Theatricals.

Phantom of The Opera Coral Shores Drama Club 

Immerse yourself in the richness of the costumes, the exuberance of the actors and singers and the props. Most importantly, the comments of the audience. How utterly enammoured they were with the performance.

Miss Z’s Teens Coral Shores Drama Club Phantom Of The Opera from Skybornvisual on Vimeo.

phantom of the opera coral shores drama club

Phantom of the Opera performed by Coral Shores Drama Club, Producer/Director Michele Zofchak or Miss Z, Vocal Director Suzanne Gagliardini, Miss G.