iPhone 7 Key Largo Style

Key Largo reacted to the iphone 7 like it does to hurricanes

 iPhone 7 Key Largo Style | #iPhone7boycott

iPhone 7 Key Largo Style | #iPhone7boycott

A Florida Keys version of the iPhone 7 worldwide release | #iPhone7boycott or were we doing that anyway?

Stop Press: Key Largo: how did the iPhone 7 worldwide release fare in Key Largo? And what about the lower light abilities of the new camera(s)? And what about the #iPhone7boycott?

Well the only AT&T franchise in Key Largo made a whopping two iPhone 7 plus s sales the day people lined up in tents in urban areas worldwide for Apple’s newest double whammy camera loaded smart phone.

So, like it or not, Key largo boycotted it. Just by being as cool and laid back as we naturally are. I’ve heard rumors people are biding their time, waiting to get it.

And although I support the boycott which says Apple needs to pay it’s taxes, i’m sure the European Union and Ireland and Apple can come to some mutual agreement, there are all sorts of reasons for it to be resolved, about, oh, $14.5 billion worth.

Apple is just one, Google, Intel and others have had a bit of a backlash from the EU. Ireland is the repeat battle ground because theirs are the ‘lowest in Europe’ tax rates, at a shocking 0.0005% (almost 0) and thus a great place to do business, especially if you aren’t planning on taking any of your profits out of the country until the country you are in drops it’s taxes to match.

Apple’s CEO Tom Cook. “Cook’s wait and see strategy is nothing new for the company. Apple has been hanging onto profits overseas for years. In 2010, Cook’s predecessor, Steve Jobs noted that company was holding onto cash waiting for “one or more unique strategic opportunities.” According to Frances Coppola, in Forbes Magazine 

Controversial iPhone 7 boycott’s abound as Trump, an avid iPhone user, called for a boycott of Apple, last month, saying the company should comply with government requests to build software to unlock an encrypted iPhone 5c connected to the San Bernardino terrorist attack.

“I use both iPhone & Samsung,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “If Apple doesn’t give info to authorities on the terrorists I’ll only be using Samsung until they give info.” Which apparently he has followed through on.

BBC Reports on a trend in some Chinese companies to re-ignite feelings of patriotism, in this the 85th anniversary of Japanese troops invading north east China in 1931.

“September 18th is a historical day. Don’t forget the national humiliation and let’s boycott foreign products,” the company notice read. The Hangzhou-based Bina Industry issued a “Patriotic Notice” on its public WeChat page banning its employees from using iPhone products.

The notice was widely shared on Chinese social media where hashtags such as “Staff buying iPhone7 get fired” have trended on Weibo.

Some Weibo users have pointed out that boycotting the iPhone7 might actually be counter productive to the national economic interest, as Apple manufacturing is carried out at Foxconn factories based in China.

But, despite the sour taste left by this lack of alleged respectable human behavior from Apple,  where it’s not paying it’s taxes to Ireland, I found a quick user review, in typical Florida Keys fashion, I stole the idea from a New Yorker. In a rare break with normalcy, I actually went looking for opinions before even thinking of sinking the $769 for the lowest storage capacity version into an iPhone 7 http://www.apple.com/shop/buy-iphone/iphone-7

Watch his short www.wired.com video, which compares the iphone 7 plus S to the 7, it’s predecessor the iPhone 6 and even to a DSLR (professional camera). The entire movie was made with an iphone 7 plus S and photos with a 7.

AT&T experienced the great underwhelming response that is the Florida Keys. I must say we couldn’t have done a better job of turning our backs on new tech.

The two they sold, says the manager were first come first served and they went immediatelyQ Wonder if it was more frantic at Apple in Miami? Me? I’m just waiting, this time. I just spent $200 repairing the screen on my iPhone 6 plus s. Done locally at Florida Keys Smart Phone Repair, courtesy of Victor Figuerroa.

The iPhone 6 plus s is still an awesome device, perfect for video and photo, i’m jealous of the new lower light abilities of the 7’s, as they describe in this movie, but with it’s digitally stabilized 4K high definition video and photo and a specialized case which allows me to attach a small led/flash and a Rode microphone, i’m batting 100% with my Florida Keys Social Media interviews and film making. Meh.

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