On Saturday September 24th, besides Judy Hull President of the Islamorada Chamber Of Commerce and Elizabeth McNabb Moczysnki President of the Key Largo Chamber Of Commerce stood Dottie Mayol, daughter of world famous Free Diver Jacques Mayol and Les Gorski inventor of the Commercial Dive Industry Standard the ‘Gorski Hat,’ flanked by Danielle Dankenbring, Community Outreach Coordinator and Dr. Sally Bauer, Owner of the History Of Diving Museum. It was a tight fit between the front door and the museum entrance, but the ribbon cutting ceremony officially opens the new Free Diving exhibit.
Dottie Mayol, daughter of world famous apnea free diver Jacques Mayol attended to facilitate the installation of her fathers sled, the one he would use to re-surface from the ocean after reaching incredible depths on one breath of air. It took 13 years to beat his world record apnea dive to 105 meters or 374 feet on a single breath, and the senior Mayol, who passed away in 2002, was known for his 5 minute breath hold whilst static and 4 minutes whilst moving or ‘dynamic’ giving him the unofficial title of grandfather of free diving.
Dottie Mayol presented the opening speech about her father, his team and the sled she donated on his behalf. The story that made him world famous became the subject off the movie, Big Blue, made by Luc Besson, which Mayol insisted was not about him.
Mayol was right to be concerned about the dangers of Free Diving, since it has become a PADI sanctioned training program, her hope is that at least they will learn to be cautious. According to her Mayol was conservative in his teaching of Free Diving, he worried about the risks people took, and he saw the dangers to young adrenaline pumped teens, in free diving with a goal of spear fishing, he focused on the relationship he had with the ocean.
“His focus was on careful preparation, through yoga and his aim was rarely to spear fish, but to spend time with dolphins, which he loved passionately, along with the ocean,” says Mayol who saw little of her father as she grew up, he was frequently traveling. Her presence at the Islamorada based History Of Diving Museum ranked the event in the top 5 for celebrities who have visited the Florida Keys, in addition to number one ranked celebrity in commercial and military diving technology, the inventor of the Gorski Helmet, Les Gorski, who was accompanied by his wife.
Gorski presented two of his own Gorski helmets for display, each valued at about $8,000 a piece. Gorski’s audience were in raptures as he shared a short version of the journey from a land locked life in central Poland to his creation of the Gorski Hat, the company Aqua Lung approcahed him in 2222 and he was bought out.

Jacques Mayol Obituary


Gorski Hat or Gorski Helmet

G2000ss Gorski hat is now manufactured by Aqua Lung. Les Gorski continues to work with the company that bought his invention for replication and sale to military and commercial divers world wide.

Aqua Lung Group Company Description:
The Gorski G2000SS diving helmet, or Gorski Hat, is manufactured by the Aqua Lung Group. The helmet was designed by Les Gorski, a highly respected and experienced working diver, for use by fellow commercial divers. It has the distinction of being the first production stainless steel diving helmet and, when it entered service in late 2004, it changed the commercial diving industry.Today the Gorski Hat still sets the standard for a new Generation of modern diving helmets not only in terms of materials and construction but also for unique design features and simplified maintenance.With over 300 helmets in use world-wide (and increasing all the time), the Gorski Hat is comprehensively field-proven and has an excellent quality and safety record.

The Aqua Lung Group of companies has a clear objective to provide a comprehensive suite of equipment for the global commercial diving industry – Gorski joined the Aqua Lung Group in 2011 and the helmet is a flagship product in the Aqua Lung commercial diving range.

Product Information: