gopro 5 time lapse moonrise florida keys

My tribute to a brave man, astronaut, father, grandfather, John Glenn, may you rest in peace, and may this audience enjoy the 35 second GoPro 5 Time Lapse Moonrise Florida Keys.

Moonrise Florida Keys Time Lapse Tribute to John Glenn from Lovelyworldadventure LLC on Vimeo.

Advanced digital technology becomes addictive when a simple minded floridakeyshousewife tripod, GoPro Hero 5, a scattered cloud moonrise get mixed up together. So floridakeyshousewife wrote a quick post called “GoPro 5 Time Lapse Moonrise Florida Keys.”

Breathtakingly beautiful and feeling emotional over the death of a man whose life I closely followed, astronaut John Glenn, despite the bug bites, Florida Keys full moon-rises are worth it to set up the GoPro Hero 5 Black.  We used a bendable mini-tripod.

‘After 23 minutes at 4K High Definition wide, the GoPro Hero 5 was warm to touch, but we knew that would happen.’

The day we crack the code on endless clean, cool fuel cells! Well. Hurry up already. When processed through iMovie the 23 minute 4k High Definition wide time lapse became 35 seconds.

Rapidly removing the 64 gigabytes S.D (ultra small flash memory card designed to provide high-capacity memory in a small size) card from the GoPro, we insert into a card reader, the reader into the slot in the iMac. Obviously this took less than 30 seconds to download the 1.38 gigabyte file.

The .mp4 file went from reader to desktop to iMovie without a hitch. The anticipation floridakeyshousewife feels about the jump to her new Final Cut Pro is close to space flight. We know it makes production more professional. But more hectic. Getting new technology? I, for one, simply stop eating for days until I figure it out.

Meanwhile over in iMovie world, first we used 2 x the speed, then upped it to 4 x the speed. When a 9 year old says, ‘Mum, it’s too slow,” a good floridakeyshousewife listens.

GoPro 5 Time Lapse Moonrise Florida Keys. (that was not obvious SEO)

After about 3 minutes we speeded up GoPro Hero 5’s rather s l o w time-lapse video. A good discovery we made was filters didn’t improve the excellent color and quality of the content.

The ‘John Glenn’ time-lapse moon is now hanging out at where the public may view and also have a choice of quality with which to re-play.

Enjoy the 35 second time lapse moon-rise, as she slides across the sky sometimes behind clouds. I imagine John Glenn taking a ride along with her.

RIP John Glenn, you were my hero, I followed you on Instagram and now your gram is quiet. I don’t like that.

Jeff Bezos received a letter from John Glenn the day Glenn died, written two weeks before he died. In the letter, Glenn congratulates Bezos on his ‘historic achievement in rocketry with Blue Origin.’ Glenn thanks him because Bezos named the next generation of re-usable rockets to orbit the earth, the ‘New Glenn.’

GoPro 5 Time Lapse Moonrise Florida Keys

Here the letter is read by Glenn’s fellow astronaut, Mae Jemison, on stage at the 2016 American Ingenuity Awards

 In glorious GoPro Hero 5 awesome 4 K HD best set quality to 1080p it’ll load faster. And, I swear, John Glenn, Jeff Bezos, I will be holding a GoPro if I ever step inside a rocket.

Moonrise Florida Keys Time Lapse Tribute to John Glenn from Lovelyworldadventure LLC on Vimeo.

floridakeyshousewife signing off