Florida Keys Housewife Episode 1

Florida Keys House Wife Episode 1

Scroll through the best images from this Florida Keys Housewife away from the kitchen, elevates energy with a run, for a new perspective that saves anyone’s sanity with increased heart rate, therefore more oxygen flows through the brain.

No Stress mothers! Stress busting 3 mile walk north then a 3 mile run south along the scenic bike path of the ‘old road’ in Islamorada. US1’s flora and fauna, and it’s hidden treats, kick starts inspired creative energy. Florida Keys fitness every day improves perspective every time.

Florida Keys Housewife Episode 1

Forest Tek Lumber water station legendary amongst runners on the old road in Oslamorada

An Auto-bot or is it a Transformer eye that peeks out from under a grizzled tarp. It’s waiting for Optimus Prime and the all spark to return?

Auto-Bot - Decepticon - Transformer

Peeking out, in Islamroada’s million dollar row is it an auto or a deception or a transformer?

There’s a bird that sits staring, cool weather or a broken foot? What is this bird? It’s natural pose isn’t disturbed, this picture has been taken and we are away before the bird blinks. Later the school informed me he’d flown across the pond hunting for fish.

Treasure Village Montessori Wading Bird

Bird visits school pond. Fish and migration!

After another floridakeyshousewife frantic day with 6 children, a distant burn lights the sky on fire! A forest blaze or a sunset, color like this is worth stopping the car to get a photo. Or flying the drone.

Florida Keys Housewife sunset persoective

Wherever life takes housewives a beautiful sunset helps calm the nerves

A wide angle time lapse on a blue sunny day reveals high altitude sirrio stratus and low altitude early cumulus going opposite rushing somewhere. And the sun busting through!

Drone Florida Keys Horizon Perpsective

Drone Florida Keys Housewife Visual Content Maniac