Florida Keys Drone Video sunrise time lapse

Welcome to bad habit drone addict commercial drone pilot in Key Largo. Learning to craft different ideas into content. Florida Keys drone video of sunrise with time lapse made by the DJI Phantom 4. Wonderful sunrise over thirty minute time lapsed into a few seconds. The Florida Keys’ natural beauty is perfect for drone video, sunrises are perfect for time lapse. The DJI Phantom 4 is perfect for what ails a Florida Keys house wife.

Sunrise timed from Lovelyworldadventure LLC on Vimeo.

Florida Keys time lapse of the sunrise. Sunrise at 400 feet above sea level. Magic. from Lovelyworld Adventure on Vimeo.¬†Florida Keys Drone Video time lapse sunrise. Morning at 0600 the drone took off to 400 feet, we circled the point of interest and landed after 25 minutes we sent the DJI Phantom 4 back up again. We got the shots, you get the visuals. Bad Habit, Drone Addict, that’s what happens when a Florida Keys House Wife gets her hands on a drone…we are going to post more about that soon.