drone rules easing FAA Part 107Drone Rules Easing faa part 107

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“The drone rules the FAA is seeking to ease are drone flights over crowds of people, and the ability to fly beyond visual line of sight,” say Nada Khalaf-Jones, FAA Licensed Commercial Drone Pliot and Florida Keys Drone Pros, Inc Owner.

FAA Part 107 is a 60 question test whose questions are taken from the FAA’s 100 question Private Pilot examination which all pilots must take to begin their flight qualification.

“I was taking my Part 107 test sitting next to commercial pilots taking the same test, with 40 more questions,” says Khalaf-Jones whose husband is a fomer military aviator and presently a commercial airline pilot.

The rigorous FAA private pilots examination is a test notorious for it’s constantly changing content and the need to know 10 times as much information as may be on the test.

Aviators of generations past are heard to say they memorizes the entire bank of possible questions in order to achieve the full one hundred percent needed for a chance to enter some commercial and military aviation flight programs.

Drone Rules Easing

Jason Shcappert of MZeroA.com and remotepilot101.com online visual FAA pilot training experts responsible for training more than 8000 successful Part 107 test takers, shares the news brief here.

Big Changes Coming To Part 107