Drone real estate marketing works

It’s not just the horizon to the ocean on one side or the bay on the other, drone real estate marketing is the love and happy we put into the production. And the fact that this drone thing is catching on like mad.

“Projected revenues from drone sales will top $12 billion in 2021, up from just over $8 billion last year,” says owner of Lovelyworldadventure LLC, Nada Khalaf-Jones whose been in the real estate marketing and drone business since 2015.

Drone marketing for real estate is so hot.

This drone video marketing expert tries different ideas for drone real estate from the cookie cutter, formula, money makers.

So empty and passion-free. Look at the number of likes, then ask the realtor how many were the right ones? Mass appeal mindset in the final film production just kills the potential a drone offers. Of course there is the touch of brilliance, on occasion where you realize to get the ones who are looking specifically for this house, and don’t know how to find it, we have to use art, creative love and joy to get there.

Because we are Florida Keys locals we have a unique perspective. Drone flying is a hobby turned into a commercially licensed full blooded drone marketing company. And i’m the first, and only, as far as I know, FAA certified lady drone pilot in the Florida Keys.

But because this is where we raised our children and lived our lives, mostly underwater on Molasses Reef or 135 feet down to the bow of the Spiegel Grove, before they came along, we feel personally involved with our product, our environment, our culture, our community. What we do reflects on the kids, their friends, our human family.

We are a very dedicated company. Entrepreneurs with a charity we founded and love, and community board memberships we cherish. All that inspires us to do better, do more every day. But to do it right. For the next generation.

We just have so many ideas. We have great, no, awesome ideas. Outside the box. Off the planet. Out of this world! Ideas. And, lucky for me, the Mrs. I don’t have anyone whose wages need to be paid, no rent, no loans.

But we do need a better drone. And a new camera. Some lights for the underwater rig. You know.

So. This post is aimed at the right trend setters. The businesses with vision. You know who you are. The ones who want to make use of our deeply global and awesome journalistic experience, our music making, drone filming, underwater GoPro 5 content producing expertise.

We say to you rock your brand, your event, or product launch. Set up your consultation with me. Let’s see where it goes. And, more than anything in your life, find the love and the happy in what you need for your next step. Dig. It’s in there.