Dick Rutkowski enters NAUI hall of honor

dick rutkwoski enters naui hall of honor

Dick Rutkowski enters NAUI hall of honor at the Pilot House in Key Largo, after he received the Hall Of Honor Award and fully paid lifetime membership gold card from NAUI executive Director, Dallas Edmiston, right. With Marketing Director of NAUI, Derik Crotts, left. Photo credit: Nada Khalaf-Jones

dick rutkowski enters naui hall of honor

Left to right, black shirts, Derik Crotts, Marketing Director NAUI, Dallas Edmonton, Executive Director NAUI, Dick Rukwoski, Hyperbarics International President/Owner, Rick Ford, Hyperbarics International BOD. Photo Credit: Danna Crotts

Dick Rutkowski enters NAUI hall of honor

Dive Pioneer Rutkowski honored by Peers. The Reporter Print Newspaper, Florida Keys. Life Style Section

Dick Rutkowski receives

NAUI highest honor and lifetime membership.

Press Release

Dick Rutkowski enters NAUI hall of honor

Hyperbarics International

Key Largo

December 19th 2016

Dick Rutkowski receives NAUI highest honor and lifetime membership.

Dick Rutkowski receives the highest honor the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) can bestow, the NAUI Hall Of Honor Award and NAUI Lifetime Gold Membership last week at the Pilot House Restaurant in Key Largo. Executive Director of NAUI, Dallas Edmiston and Worldwide Director Of Marketing, Operations and Communications, Derik Crotts presented the award.

 “Dick is a true legend of diving and has done so much for the safety and education of the participants in the sport,” said Edmiston.  

“We are proud of his legacy with NAUI and proud to induct him into the NAUI Hall of Honor,” he says.

 He helped change the course of modern diving through testing and promoting the use of NITROX and trimix mixed gases.  His work helped develop technical diving and clinical hyperbaric medicine as we know it today.

 “He assisted NAUI member J. Morgan Wells with procedures for scientific-research diving using oxygen-enriched air to develop NITROX standards,” added Edmiston. 

“This work allowed NAUI to become the first mainstream recreational agency to sanction the use of NITROX training,” he says.

Key Largo’s Hyperbarics International’s owner Dick Rutkowski has the resume of an icon and the energy of a much younger human. Rutkowski pulls in a global medical crowd of Doctors, Surgeons, Military Medics, EMT’s and Paramedics as well as local scuba instructors to his classes in Hyperbaric Medicine, the only classes of their kind, taught in Key Largo. 

 He’s been inducted into the Diving Equipment and Manufacturers ‘Diving Hall Of Fame,’ designed NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy training pool and co-wrote the training program, he is also credited with introducing Oxygen Enriched Air, the manual and training program for the safe use of what’s nowadays called NITROX.

For more information about Hyperbarics International Training call Dick Rutkowski, Hyperbarics International, 98840 Overseas Highway, Key Largo, 305 451 2551. Visit www.hyperbaricsinternational.com