florida keys community combats human trafficking

Combat Human Trafficking?

Florida Keys reporter David Goodhue attends a Human Trafficking inaugural meeting at the Florida Keys Children’s Shelter.

Attendees from Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit and other areas of local law enforcement, Mariners Hospital’s CEO Rick Freeburg, Monroe County Social Work personnel, Coral Shores High School nursing and administrative personnel, FKDSET.org Not-For-Profit representative, Congressman Carlos Curbelo’s Representative, Holly Raschein’s Representative, Florida Keys Children’s Shelter Executives, 1HTC Board Members were all in attendance and active in the discussion.

Combat Human Trafficking With Great Journalism?

It isn’t often journalists report on a crime, then attend the inaugural meeting where a community organization is established to combat the same crimes.

Local newspapers were invited to attend the event. Award winning Keys News journalist for The Reporter a Miami Herald group newspaper, David Goodhue, did just that. Human Trafficking centered in the Florida Keys is a very real issue, as much as locals who were polled by the author of this story want it not to be.

When a Monroe County Human Trafficking Coalition was established on May 9th 2017 in the very location from whence the trafficked children of the ‘Atkins Case’ came, founders of the newly established coalition saw Goodhue as a very valuable asset, when his front page story came out, we realized we were on to a good thing.

“He was as horrified by this as everyone else. Not that the feelings would have influenced the story of a professional journalist, the front page coverage of the coalition’s first meeting was a win for our community, it was fantastic,” says Nada Khalaf-Jones Advisory Board Member 1HTC.

1HTC President Dr. Adriane Reesey

Dr. Reesey draw on experience in her careers in both the military and law enforcement. Her frontline human trafficking experience added much energy her presentation. She defined the terms of what is slavery, what is Human Trafficking, where it is and who is doing it, as well as how to expand understanding and combat it.

Monroe County Sheriffs Office Major Crimes Unit Lt. James Norman made it very clear anyone who takes on human trafficking is challenging violent criminals.

“Education is everything. And a community can stop this if they decide together to do so,” he said. He spoke of his personal disturbing experience with crime related to the Russian Bratva, Chinese Tong and Japanese Yakuza.

Against Slavery Human Trafficking

Slavery alive and kicking in the modern day Florida Keys.

Who To Call?

Monroe County Dispatch Number (305) 853 3211.

1HTC Trafficking hotline is 1 888 373 7888.


Training for law enforcement, medical will commence in the next few months. Training/education for our school aged population is next on the legislative clipboard to combat human trafficking.