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Registered with the FAA, Licensed, Insured. We fly high for you. Zooooommmm!

Registered with the FAA, Licensed, Insured. We fly high for you. Zooooommmm!

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Skyborne stories can become legend. Survey your construction project, inspect roofs, power lines, survey land. Nada Khalaf-Jones can show you how.

For Immediate Release | Key Largo, Tuesday September 13th, 1200 Zulu time.

First lady drone pilot in the Florida Keys receives Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 107 license to fly commercially.

Nada Khalaf-Jones, Key Largo resident, mother of four, scuba instructor, Florida Keys Down Syndrome charitable trust founder, today became the first Monroe County commercially licensed woman drone pilot technically known as a Remote Pilot In Charge (RPIC) under Part 107 14 CFR.

“At the moment we fly the DJI Phantom 4 As much as possible over our home in the Keys, when weather conditions permit and always within the FAA regulations, and that is no simple thing to do right. I took my test alongside commercial aviation and private pilots, so I know my knowledge has proven to me and the FAA, that I’m responsible with this amazing filmmaking tool,” says Jones.

She recommends taking at least two or three practice tests online before paying the $150 for the Computer Aided Testing Service (CATs) test.

“Best not to offer commercial aerial shots of  skyscrapers or real estate until you have your RPIC License in hand and the insurance to go with it,” she says the FAA are on the brink of creating a separate authority dedicated to Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) their licensing and use.

This spells tighter control over the Florida Keys as more drones are appearing in the skies surrounding this beautiful archipelago of islands.

Jones has logged 25 hours of drone pilot time on her DJI Phantom 4. She’s wracked up extensive films to music with powerful marketing messages, she donated much of her earlier filmmaking work to Special Olympics, Rotary Club, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office and Key Largo Chamber Of Commerce.

Jones is launch ready with agricultural, surveying, commercial construction, agriculture, real estate, weddings and offshore boating trips. She can get permits to inspect power lines, railways, roads, cellphone towers.

Jones creatively sews content together for Florida Keys Construction Projects and promotional real estate movies as well as her husbands company ICΛRUS Ops and her own scuba and free diving instruction business.

“I’m an adventurous creator!  The DJI drone just helps craft the message. Communicate through social media, websites and press releases with words and photo and video, with music it’s exciting, creative, I love it,” she says. Jones loves the ocean and wishes to be operate aerial to underwater drones pilot.

“As a 27 year veteran scuba instructor, and free diver underwater drone footage would be brilliant. But I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for the GoPro Karma and the GoPro5” It’s scheduled for September 29th release. Sign up for regularly delivered news to your inbox at


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Drone: unmanned aerial vehicle equipped with gimbal camera for photo and video and capable of flying up to 399 ft above the tallest object in class G airspace and other airspace with permission.

Production: process of making the raw photo or video into a message that can be shared through website or social media channels lovelyworldadventure. com uses words and phrases or graphic images and original music to deliver the message.

Raw: uncut, as it comes off the camera, unedited.

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