Advanced Technology Family Adventure We Are Off The Rock to Orlando

We are off the rock to Orlando, on an advanced technology family adventure just before the crowds get really bad. Florida Keys to Orlando just before Thanksgiving. Family of six, and the youngest made it 45 minutes north from Key Largo (I only know that coz it says so on Waze ) before she asked ‘are we there yet?.’ She did ask three more times. But the smartphone Waze App has all the answers. So. Tech necessity one: Waze App, showing your route, distance, time, eta, gas stations, police, restaurants, crashes, other wazers, cars on hard shoulders, or none as you choose.

9 Essential advanced technology family adventure items for any social media junky

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With the family in tow. We fled the Florida Keys for a weekend. But what advanced technology did we bring on this family adventure to Orlando?

Item 1: Dooney And Bourke Leather Purse with tons of pockets, zippers and solid handles for all the video production gear you can shake a tripod at.

Advanced Technology Family Adventure

We Are Off The Rock one of the children asked 4 times ‘are we there yet’ and with Waze we could answer every time with patience and accuracy! Advanced tech is just perfect for the career change housewife and traveling family.

Item 2: iPhone 6  Plus s 128 GB with 4K High Def HDR photo, Live, and Digital Video Stabilization. Oh Yeah.

Item 3: (obsolete but wicked) Motorolla Nexus 6 with the best lowlight camera EVER.

Item 4: (unremarkable, pretty naff) 2nd generation iPad mini with a rocking fast LTE 6GB Data Plan, think hotspot. So when the 5th wave comes and everyone is out of data, we got more. The iPad mini is also our controller for the DJI Phantom 4.

Item 5: two Lithium-Ion charger battery packs with 5v / 1.5 A output. (power for the back up data) GoPro and Travel Blue ‘Tech’

Item 6:  3 axis Gimbal by Feiyu Tech, it’s the G4 Pro a second handheld Zhiyun Z1 Smooth C Gimbal for smartphones of all sizes up to the largest which is the iPhone 6 Plus s. IMR18350 900 MAH 3.7 V batteries and their own dedicated chargers.

Item 7: obviously my life wouldn’t be complete without at least two GoPro’s, a GoPro Hero 3 and a GoPro Hero 4. Always take the waterproof cases, batteries and tripods for the inevitable time lapse. And the regular frame case.

Item 8: Rode Video Mic

Item 9: Light

We’ve learned when a woman accustomed to a traveling life stops long enough to have a family, time doesn’t stop right along with her. Bummer. The course correction is massive, got to steer the ship on a different heading. All the tech comes with me on any trip I make. Yeah. Make space for that bag.

Advanced Technology Family Adventure

We left Key Largo, of course we stopped on our way to Orlando, was it for healthy snacks? Well if you believe that you’ll be wrong. We all enjoyed the advanced technology family adventure, even the youngest GoPro’d the rest stop.