Daily Florida Keys Adventure

No concept too big no adventure too chaotic

Bring us your moment we’ll create your iconic visual

“We thrive on ocean film, legendary photo, aerial drone video radical adventure and not ordinary lifestyle,” says producer Nada Jones.

 Daily Florida Keys Adventure: Thumb This Cool Video Up On YouTube! Filmed and produced by @skybornvisual @floridakeysdronepros

Real Estate Drone Video marketing; filming is only the beginning. Final Cut Pro X edits it so beautifully we think you’ll enjoy the richness and the music. Branding or not, as you choose. Adventure can be as wild or as conventional as you make it. Daily Florida Keys Adventure real adventure produced by us.

Minncraft Boats Born And Made In The USA from Nada Khalaf-Jones on Vimeo.

Legendary Handcrafted Wooden Boat, Summit 26 #01 made in the U.S.A from the best boat building materials available. This boat designer has passion in his hands like Michaelangelo, he’s created something that will endure for generations, a legend to pass on to your children, a beautiful boat with the most elevated “AHH” factor we’ve ever seen. Join us in appreciating the Minncraft Summit 26 #01.

Drone Flight From A Beach In Islamorada from Nada Khalaf-Jones on Vimeo.

Look at the video and photo we have produced, imagine we take care of your personal, small business or large company visual branding and site exposure optimization. Today visual marketing, where we tell your story, add drone video marketing for the core of all marketing, social media and website especially using Florida Keys footage.

Nada Khalaf-Jones is a wonderful mother of four from the UK who is an intoxicating blend of business, creativity, fearlessness and motherhood. She accepts no limits for her children, Down Syndrome or otherwise. And believes competition is absolutely central to our human existence. Where kindness exists, so does love.

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Lovelyworldadventure.com was founded by a mother of four to book and deliver scuba and free diving instruction. It’s metamorphosed into daily social media marketing in the Florida Keys with drone photo and video fueled by ocean adventure from beneath the waves.

“We thrive on ocean film and photo, aerial drone photo and video focused on adventure and out of the ordinary lifestyle,” she says.